We are a band of engineers, researchers and academics striving to provide tailor-made solutions to plant growers worldwide. With over 20 years of combined experience in the field Xplant offers a variety of products and services in Tissue Culture, Plant Physiology, Cultivation Methods, Breeding and Laboratory/Vertical Farm Construction.

Management Team

Dr.Buhara Yücesan ; Head of R&D
Merve Arslan Şenel; Production Coordinator
Ahmet Tigrel; Founder & General Manager

Quality Products

With modern control systems and systematic production lines we provide 100% contamination free products designed specially for your fields/greenhouse.

Perfect Service

With our dedicated staff we offer 24/7 assistance to our customers.

Environmentally friendly

Leave no trace! With zero emissions, using zero water and renewable energy (via Esit Energy) we pride ourselves in being 100% environmentally friendly.


Plant Factory

Providing high quality, tailor made seedlings around the globe. Whether be thousands or a million;with over 20 years of combined experience we pride ourselves in our ability to successfully micro propagate plants, from orchids to oregano we are here for you. Xplant provides its own library of genotypes as well as using mother plants from your library.Consulting in plant physiology and cultivation methods.

Consulting in plant physiology and cultivation methods

Experts in understanding and adjusting plant cultivation protocols, according to your needs, from icy hills of Scandinavia to tropical valleys of India our experience in the field has given us a unique perspective and understanding of a plant’s needs to flourish.

Urban Farming

With ever increasing population and decrease of agricultural areas the need for alternative farming areas is more than ever. Xplant provides tailor made solutions to convert your warehouse/garage to a vertical farm!

Micropropagation Labs

Want to build your own Micropropagation Labs? Look no further Xplant provides turn-key solutions and education in building your very own Micropropagation Lab.